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My big sister is a ballet teacher and my childhood was filled with recitals and concerts and an appreciation for the years of hard work, tears and dedication that goes into classical dance training. I couldn't help but notice how fewer boys undertake this career path, which in a way makes them all the more to be congratulated. I decided to dedicate this small collection (and other works) specifically to the "danseur" (male ballet dancer).

Featured Painting

Nocturnal Mission

90 x 90cm

Oil on board

The Christian idea of the angel always fascinated me a bit; graceful and powerful beings, appearing commonly in myth as beautiful males with wings, occasionally allowing themselves to be observed, unlike the reticent God.

What would they think of our puny attempts to reach beyond the confines of our Earth... would they experience bemusement in their inscrutable minds?

It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.

William Shakespeare


Nocturnal Mission
Elenor NZ crop.jpg
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