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My big sister is a ballet teacher and my childhood was filled with recitals and concerts and an appreciation for the years of hard work, tears and dedication that goes into classical dance training. I couldn't help but notice how fewer boys undertake this career path, which in a way makes them all the more to be congratulated. I decided to dedicate this small collection (and other works) specifically to the "danseur" (male ballet dancer).

Featured Painting

Mickey and the Blues

97 x 126cm

Oil on board

We live in a social media bubble where our fears and feelings are exaggerated, falsified, turned into disorders. In the harsh combative online environment that thrives on grabbing our attention to turn everyone into targets for marketing but fails to offer any real human connection, some people find themselves crushed and ignored by the rush of virtue signalling, memes, ever changing syntax and fake information. Their beauty exists in a vacuum amidst the roar of noise made by a society obsessed with their 15 minutes of fame.


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